Our business:

Urban Crop Solutions is a turnkey solutions provider in the fast-emerging closed environment vertical farming industry. We are a one-stop-shop in terms of plant growth infrastructure as well as the after sales service (including seeds, substrates, nutrients and licenses on plant grow recipes) for a grower to be able to run the vertical farm with ease.

To contribute to the solutions for the challenges caused by global urbanization, the growing world population and the lack of agricultural land in the world by developing turnkey solutions for the agriculture, industry and retail.

Our European headquarters is in Belgium – Grote Heerweg 69, 8791 Waregem (Beveren-Leie), in the heart of the Western European vegetable industry and surrounded by reputable international machine building companies.

Our American headquarters is in Florida – Miami – 800 Brickell Avenue 1100 Suite, being at the cross road between North and Latin America.

The technology we use:

Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent.

Officially no (except for some crops in some well-defined regions). However, our installations can grow crops pesticide free. Most of the produce that grow in our systems are more nutritious than traditional grown produce.

The nutrients added to the water can be synthetic or organic. Furthermore, chemicals can only be used for cleaning/decontamination purposes.

Yes, as our systems provide the possibility to generate a high light intensity and create the most optimal climate for plants to grow, achieving yields up to 3 times higher compared to traditional agriculture.

The energy consumption depends on the level of automatization and robotics, on top of climatization and LEDs. More accurate information is calculated in a feasibility study, which is a mandatory study we conduct for every PlantFactory project.

Our systems are integrated with complete climate control, including temperature, humidity, CO2, light intensity and irrigation, allowing to adjust the system according to the needs of the plants. This technology makes it possible to grow any crop all year around, independent of the outdoor climate.

We use the most optimal substrate depending on the crops which our customers want to grow. For most crops, we use coco-peat pellets.

About plant biology:

We have a list of 200+ possible crops, including various kinds of lettuces, herbs, brassica, etc.

Until today we have not validated specific fruits or flowers for indoor and vertical growth, however growing them in such an environment is perfectly possible and is on our research agenda for the coming months.

Yes! Because we are growing in a closed indoor environment with grow LED lights there are no external seasonal factors that influence the plant growth.

Yes, crops with the same preferred climate settings can be grown simultaneously in one plant growth installation.

Yes, we have an own team of plant scientists that is operating a multi plant research lab in our headquarters in Belgium. We also work together for some well-defined research with local universities and institutions.

Depending on the plant variety and desired weight of the plant our yields can be up to 3 times higher than traditional agriculture. For example, a lettuce of 250 gr can be harvested 17 times a year in our systems.

12 to 48 mature crops per m² of growing surface can be grown, which can be multiplied up to 24 x by growing in multiple layers.

Plant growth infrastructure:

Yes, our smaller systems are standard growth containers: the FarmFlex (growing surface of 55 m²) and the FarmPro (growing surface of 68 m²).

Yes, we call our tailor-made system PlantFactory. It’s entirely built according to your needs in terms of output (produce), available building, flexibility in terms of different crops for one installation, required automatization and robotization and post harvesting integration.

Yes, from Iceland to Dubai. Our containers are fully insulated so they can operate in any given climate. The PlantFactory is an indoor setup, making local crop production possible anywhere in the world.

Yes, we provide the following after-sales services:

  • Sale of consumables (seeds, subtrates, nutrients)
  • Sale of licenses on plant growth recipes
  • Grow consultancy
  • Spare parts distribution
  • Maintenance and services contracts

The containers (FarmFlex and FarmPro) have a fixed price for the basic model without options. The price of a PlantFactory depends on the size of the project, intended output, location, level of robotization, etc. as it is a tailor-made solution.

The expected lead time for a PlantFactory project is six to nine months after approval of the final design and after having received the advanced payment. This includes a test-run and training on-site.

Our systems are meant for companies or organizations, as the minimum growing surface is 50m². But if you as an individual customer are interested to buy one of our systems, that is absolutely possible. Drop us a line at sales@urbancropsolutions.com

The current maximum amount of layers in a PlantFactory is 24, in our grow containers we have maximum 6 layers.

Operating an indoor farm:

For the containers, approximately 1 hour per day or the equivalent when not harvesting every day. The PlantFactories can be setup to limit human interaction with the plants, the entire process, from seeding to harvesting, cutting and packing can be automated. This minimizes the risks for pests and diseases.

The operating costs depend on various factors:

  • Electricity price
  • Water price
  • Consumables (CO2, seeds, substrates & nutrients)
  • Please contact us at sales@urbancropsolutions.com for further information

Our systems are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly so everyone can operate them by the touch of a button. Nevertheless, upon commissioning a technical training will be organised for the operations of our systems, preventive maintenance, and monitoring. Documentation of this information will also be provided.

Visiting Urban Crop Solutions:

Of course! Please email us with your request and particular interests for visiting Urban Crop Solutions to info@urbancropsolutions.com

That’s great! Email us at info@urbancropsolutions.com to tell us about your research and how we can help.