We develop growth system solutions for food production, herb production and livestock nutrition production. Our systems are the next generation growing technology with guaranteed output (harvest), independent of the season and climate at competitive cost prices.


Our large-scale installations are ideal for fresh salads and or frozen vegetable producers. Our systems are automated and can be robotized and integrated in existing production facilities.  Having the produce just in time whenever and wherever is necessary is crucial for this industry. Our systems are above all extremely flexible. Currently more than 180 crops are possible to grow. Switch between them with low costs or just grow different types at the same time. Also, the crops are fully traceable and have always the same constant quality.


We offer caterers, restaurants, hotels, department stores, nursing homes and schools the option of producing yearlong, locally grown, healthy leafy greens. Our tailor-made solutions give the possibility to grow multiple crops and to switch whenever you want. Using a vertical farm reduces cost for unsold stock and is perfect for a just-in-time principle.


Our solutions enable an on-demand guaranteed and constant supply of plant materials to process into products for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, phytopharmaceutical and cosmetics markets. The Urban Crop Solutions grow infrastructure produces a consistent quality of small and bigger crops and are automated and can be integrated in existing production facilities


The Urban Crop Solutions systems can be incorporated in existing or new infrastructure within the smart city idea or concepts. Food produce can be made local again and more efficient, while supporting the local community. Urban Crop ;Solutions is a total solution provider, as we are also a distributor of seeds and nutrients so the supply of goods in the city, region or building can be guaranteed. Our solutions are a must have in every futuristic real estate development project.


We provide local growing solutions for temporary emergency situations. The water-efficient systems can be installed quickly and can be connected or supplied together with alternative energy solutions (also in container concepts). Our grow container products for this industry are very straightforward and many crops with the highest nutritional value can be grown, taking into account the cultural habits and nutritive value. For some countries, regions, we can supply our standard container products at reduced (subsidized) tariffs.