ModuleX PlantFactory

Scalable – Flexible – Efficient


The ModuleX can expand from 2 to 64 “GrowModules”, so your PlantFactory can scale up with your business. One GrowModule equals 84 m² (904 sq. ft.) of growing surface, yielding about 6.000 kg/year (13.228 lbs/year) of fresh vegetables. Each separate module allows for a different climate and nutrient system, allowing your mix of crops to match the requirements of your customer. Call us for a feasibility study with your desired volumes, crop mix, and input costs.


The ModuleX base price is 1.800 EUR/m² (167 EUR/sq. ft.) which is the lowest investment per square meter/square foot growing surface in the industry. The labor costs are low due to the patented crop-to-operator automated transport. This is your best solution to maximize your return on investment.

Example: ModuleX-8 has 8 GrowModules for a total of 672 m² (7.230 sq. ft.).

Base price: 1.2 Mio EUR for an output of approximately 44.000 kg (97.000 lbs) romaine lettuce per year.


ModuleX allows for a fast start-up, with only a 12-week manufacturing lead time. Assembly and standardized Quality Control are performed at our central manufacturing location in Belgium. After commissioning on-site, the risk for contamination and business interruption is mitigated by having completely separated GrowModules.