Customer Requirements

They can include physiological aspects such as leaf size, weight or coloration, or the nutritional content, the required shelf life, crispness, or many other elements. Each plant growth algorithm our team of plant scientists develop starts from a specification sheet on which a design of experiments is set up and results in a specific yield and plant characteristics.

Seed Cultivar

Based on the customer requirements, we start a screening process to identify the best-suited seed cultivar or seed variety. Various breeders from different geographical locations can be analyzed to identify which specific seed has the best suited genetics and traits for the desired application.


Our Research Center allows our plant scientists to validate the best-suited irrigation and nutrient formulation settings during each stage of growth. Parameters that can be controlled are duration, frequency, temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH & EC value, nutrient recipe, and beneficial microorganisms.


Our proprietary LED solutions allow us to test plants under various light spectra (UV/Blue/White1/White2/Red/farRed), different intensities, DLI (daylight integral), variable light treatments, and circadian rhythms.


During each stage of plant growth and photoperiod, we control temperature, relative humidity, ventilation speed and CO2 levels. To optimize the plant environment, we take measurements of photosynthesis, VPD (vapor pressure deficit) and transpiration.


Each plant has its own desires and various substrates are tested for each application. Ranging from peat to coco, textile to stone wool, synthetic to organic, and all in combination with the right formulation of macro- and micronutrients.

Data Intelligence

By using a network of IoT sensors, all aspects from the plant can be measured, such as real-time analysis of weight and size, infrared imaging, etc. These various data points are analyzed and fed back into algorithms that adjust lighting, irrigation and climate according to the needs of the plant, and the customer.

Plant Cultivation Strategy

The planting strategy is fixed for each plant growth algorithm and entails various parameters such as substrate size, seed density, DFS (days from seeding), DFT (days from transplanting) and plant spacing.