Crop Guide

Crop Guide

Indoor Farming Research

It all starts with your crop, and the needs of your market

The seed genetics available today have been cross bred for decades to optimise conditions in a traditional open field or greenhouse cultivation. The development has focused on disease resistance, drought resistance, and yield, with maximum response to light not a concern.

In an indoor growing environment, the requirements of plants are completely different. Plants receive exactly what they need and are protected from pests and weeds. Therefore not requiring use of, or resistance to pesticides.

Our plant biology team has been searching for the plant genetics that maximise biomass growth with minimum input of resources.

In our fully equipped, state-of-the-art research centre, we can mimic any climate on earth. We operate 13 controlled environment growth chambers for crop variety screening, enhancing nutrient formulations, and perfecting plant cultivation techniques.

To test yields and improve plant growth recipes in our commercial solutions, we also operate full-scale commercial plant factory grow modules. We have developed our own LED light technology and continue our experiments to enhance plant response to LED light spectrum and intensity.

Our team of indoor plant scientists have found and facilitated the ideal controlled environment for plants to thrive.

Research Centre Equipment Features


simulation lab


Variable LED light
spectrum lab


Nutrient formulation


and propagation


AI & data


Ebb &


irrigation lab


High altitude
simulation lab

Custom Out-of-the-Box Recipes

We don’t believe in standard solutions. Why?

A recipe is a predefined set of operating procedures (seed planting, germination time, transplanting method, etc.) and approximately 45 parameter settings (LED intensity and spectrum, daylight hours, temperature, humidity, irrigation on/off timing, nutrient mix, substrate composition, etc.).

Optimal plant growth in every single climate has its own set of requirements. That is why we reconfigure all of our systems to match those of your product and business operations. We carefully select the components you need to achieve the most effective configuration for you.

Some of Our Research Projects

The research that we carry out, and where our solutions are used

Tiamat Sciences

Tiamat is a biotech company that is manufacturing animal-free protein by combining biotechnology, vertical farming, and computational design. By using the power of plants to replace traditional bioreactors, they are growing the next generation of biomolecules to serve multiple emerging industries.

Banana Tree Nursery

A custom FarmLab plant factory is used as a nursery to grow new banana (Musa) cultivars in a controlled environment. After growing to 50 cm (1,6 ft) they are checked for resistance to climate change. Promising trees are transported to the African highlands to ensure the future of the local farmers.


A consortium led by Puratos, a global bakery supply company, in collaboration with Urban Crop Solutions is researching how to bake bread on Mars. Aside from carrying our research at their own research centre, Urban Crop Solutions has installed three custom FarmLabs at Puratos’ headquarters near Brussels, Belgium.

Our Crop Guide

And grow-how (so far)

Looking for crop recipes that have been proven in real-life trials by experienced indoor plant scientists? Our crop guide contains 290+ tried and tested plant growth recipes.

Our team, with a combined 30+ years of experience, have created the ideal controlled environment for plants to thrive. We now serve customers with our own plant growth recipes. We operate 13 controlled environment growth chambers for crop cultivar screening, nutrient formulations, plant cultivation techniques, LED light spectrum research, hydroponic irrigation, and cultivation development.

At our state-of-the-art research centre in Belgium, we can mimic any climate on earth. This allows our in-house team of plants scientists to research and validate your crop of choice.

Download our Crop Guide to learn more about the different parameters that need to be adjusted and tailored per plant (end-user requirements, cultivar, irrigation strategy, climate strategy, planting strategy, lighting strategy, etc.).

Start your end-to-end contract research journey today.