I have a dream

That one day everyone, worldwide, will have access to affordable, healthy and tasty food. That by eliminating contaminated rainwater and pesticides from our crops, fewer allergies or other diseases will harm human beings. That everyone is able to cater to her or his own nutritional needs.


80% of the land suitable for agriculture is already in use. In 2050, a large majority of human kind will be living in cities and in total more than nine billion mouths will need to be fed. How can mankind deal with this problem without further damaging our planet?

Looking for creative solutions

That last question put us to work. Immediately, we were confronted with a number of additional questions. How to create a higher return on a limited growing surface? In 2011 we started a first experiment, a roof garden in Brussels. It turned out to be a succes! As from the third floor urban airborn toxins are diluted strongly and allow safe agriculture.

Belgian climate

Our roof garden did well. But it could be better as our grim Belgian climate wasn’t helping yields. So we just built a small test-greenhouse. Growing surfaces stayed too limited to allow for good margins as building a greenhouse on a rooftop meant higher costs.


What if we could grow our crops in multiple layers? Well, you get shade. Solution: LED lights. We were excited about our ideas, met likeminded people and hence became acquainted with a similar project and forged ahead: Let’s create that dream and go for a better world!