Urban Crop Solutions promotes microalgae cultivation

Waregem, Belgium – Urban Crop Solutions (UCS) has undertaken a project for a client focused on cultivating microalgae in an indoor farming environment. After an extensive search for suitable indoor farming partners, UCS was selected to meet the specific needs of the client. UCS’s slogan, “We build your indoor farm to your specifications,” facilitated the connection for a tailored solution.

The client’s goal is to produce microalgae to enhance the sustainability of its business. To further improve its production, a customized controlled indoor farm, which can later be scaled, is essential. After a detailed technical analysis, UCS presented a design that met all the requirements. UCS designed and built a unique fertigation and irrigation system, including a customized dosing capability to meet specific needs. With the implementation of the spectrum-adjustable LED lighting, the full extent of innovation and collaboration became clearly visible. This advanced LED lighting offers the ability to adjust the light spectrum to the specific desires and needs of the client.

Jean-Pierre Coene, CEO of Urban Crop Solutions, spoke enthusiastically about the collaboration: “This collaboration shows how customization and innovation can go hand in hand to meet specific needs. It is a pleasure to see how our technology contributes to the growth and success of our partners.”

The client also expressed its satisfaction: ” We are pleased with the quality of the cooperation and impressed by the precision and attention to detail. The customized solution provided by Urban Crop Solutions has exceeded our expectations and represents a promising device to continue the industrial scaling of our production.”

This collaboration highlights the power of customization and trust in creating innovative solutions within the indoor farming industry. A solution that, alongside innovation, must be scalable and commercially viable for growth.

7 June 2024