Urban Crop Solutions Awarded as Best-in-Class Vertical Farming Solution Provider

Urban Crop Solutions has been awarded a ‘Best-in-Class’ award for their production systems by the Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture. They were selected as the winners for the category of ‘systems starting between $250k-$500k’. Each finalist went through a rigorous review process and was evaluated according to several criteria. Emphasis was given to sustainable farms and equipment manufacturers that efficiently use resources such as land, energy, labour and water to produce the highest yields at an affordable price in indoor farm settings.

“The award is definitely a recognition for our team that is continuously working on state-of-the art growing solutions which optimise the sustainability of our industry, whether this is in an existing building or for a greenfield project.” says Maarten Vandecruys, Founder and CTO, Urban Crop Solutions.

“Today we are rewarded with a prize for our approach, but to be successful for our customers, the knowledge of the plant science is as equally important as the engineering part. We keep on striving for a more sustainable impact, not just on the consumption of our natural resources, but also the yield, which positively impacts the financial sustainability” he adds.

“We are enormously proud of the entire team! A team that works together for the future. A team that is there for each other, to give the best of themselves. Looking at our latest realisations, the ModuleX and the FarmLab, and our 24/7 support both technically and biologically, as a team leader you can look forward with a broad smile!” says Jean-Pierre Coene, CEO, Urban Crop Solutions.

9 August 2021