UCS delivers Research Indoor Farm to BASF for more sustainable agriculture solutions

Urban Crop Solutions, a leading provider of advanced vertical farming solutions, is proud to announce that they have started a collaboration and delivered an advanced indoor vertical farm installation to BASF, a global leader in the agriculture and chemical industry. This installation will be used to accelerate the development by BASF of different projects related with new agricultural solutions in a more sustainable way. The cooperation foresees also the support of the plant science division of Urban Crop Solutions to the research team of BASF that is working on the development of new products. 

The BASF team in the UCS installation – courtesy of BASF

The new installation, located at BASF Limburgerhof – Germany, represents a significant advancement in the agriculture and chemical sector. It enables BASF to cultivate weed species for scientific research and the development of innovative solutions targeting specific challenges in modern agriculture.

Dr Liliana Parra Rapado, Senior Principal Scientist at BASF, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, “The delivery of this installation by Urban Crop Solutions represents a crucial step in our efforts for sustainable agriculture. We look forward to working together to develop solutions that have a positive impact on agriculture and the environment.”

Urban Crop Solutions designed, procured and implemented the installation using advanced vertical farming technologies, creating a controlled and efficient environment for the cultivation and study of various weed species.

Jean-Pierre Coene, CEO of Urban Crop Solutions, adds, “Our business model of offering total solutions to companies willing to invest in applications and services for indoor vertical farming proved again successful in the segment of corporate clients. The team of BASF fell for our flexibility in engineering as well as our extended knowledge of plant science. ”

The collaboration between Urban Crop Solutions and BASF symbolises both companies’ commitment to innovative solutions and sustainable agricultural practices.

27 November 2023