UCS builds State-of-the-art research center in Spain for “Eliven Tropical”

“Eliven Tropical” will be present at Fruit Logistica at booth C-01, where Urban Crop Solutions is delighted to share the progress of a cutting-edge research center in Malaga, Spain, showcasing exciting advancements in the field. This new facility is poised to pioneer the future of indoor vertical agriculture in the southern region of Spain.

A highlight of the research center is the ModuleX facility, featuring a modular and versatile cultivation system. With precise control over crucial factors such as temperature, humidity, and lighting, the system enables simultaneous cultivation of various crops. Urban Crop Solutions will utilize this facility to conduct extensive research on optimal growing methods and conditions for a diverse range of crops focussing on wellbeing and value-add nutritional compounds.

The research center will also house a specially designed FarmLab, dedicated to research. This space will facilitate collaboration between Urban Crop Solutions’ experts, academics, and industry partners from Spain. By employing advanced technologies and innovative cultivation methods, the Farmlab aims to develop new solutions and enhance the productivity, efficiency, and sustainability of vertical agriculture.
Malaga’s research center will act as an incubator for novel ideas and innovations while serving as a knowledge hub where agricultural professionals and stakeholders can collaborate and exchange information. The company’s ambition is to collaborate with stakeholders across the value chain and expedite the global transition towards more sustainable plant production.
The construction of this research center exemplifies Urban Crop Solutions’ commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, alongside Dr. Rudi Pauwels’ guidance.

For further information and collaboration opportunities, in either Belgium or Spain, interested parties are encouraged to contact Urban Crop Solutions directly. More updates will follow on the progress of this project, scheduled to open in Q4 2023.

2 February 2024