A collaboration between CropKing (USA) and Urban Crop Solutions has been cultivated

 Cropking will operate a vertical container farm showcase

Cropking and Urban Crop Solutions are excited to announce the start of a flourishing collaboration. The goal will be to combine the extensive hydroponic experience of Cropking with the high-quality controlled environment technology in vertical farming of Urban Crop Solutions. By combining these different experiences and expertise, both companies get the chance to develop together in the Controlled Environment Agriculture industry in the United States. CropKing will operate the FarmPro vertical container farm as a showcase, continued research, and testing facility.

“By combining their strengths, the companies want to consider new markets. Their collaboration could be a perfect match.”

Cropking is the only full-service hydroponic company in the U.S. that specializes in the business of controlled environment agriculture and hydroponic growing since 1982. Their 37 years of experience makes them the leader in hydroponic systems and greenhouse manufacturing. Their headquarters are in Lodi, Ohio whereas their facility structures and systems can be found across 20 different countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, countries in Europe and the Caribbean.


According to Paul Brentlinger the President of Cropking Inc.: “We are excited to be working with Urban Crop Solutions and the opportunity to validate the effectiveness of automated container farming.  Their personal and custom-made approach could fulfill the needs of many clients. The shipping container system offers advantages like climate control, irrigation system, automated growing process, … which has captured our interest for the past few years.” CropKing will receive its first Urban Crop Solutions FarmPro Container in March and will start testing it in their facilities with the help of in-house plant scientists.

Urban Crop Solutions has recently celebrated its 5th anniversary and already has 28 active projects across the world. They are the only turnkey solutions provider, that also offers biological know-how, in the indoor vertical farming industry. Besides that, they have already developed over 200 plant growing recipes, for a variety of industries, through their inhouse research method. Paulina Murrath, the business development manager of Urban Crop Solutions, will serve as a point of contact for the North American market through the office of Urban Crop Solutions in Miami, Florida.

In the opinion of Paulina Murrath: “It’s a great honor to start a collaboration with CropKing and Paul Brentlinger who is a controlled environmental agriculture expert with extensive knowledge of growing high-quality food products. CropKing shares the same values that we consider as important, like bringing higher yields, nutritional value, food security, local production and consumption, …  to different industries. That’s why we believe that our collaboration will be rewarding.”  


25 February 2020