The New “ModuleX Plant Factory” achieves Genovese Basil full production cost below 10 EUR/kg (5$/LBS). And wins “2020 vertical farming solution of the year”

The full launch webinar is available at

On September 9th, 2020, Urban Crop Solutions presented their new “ModuleX Plant Factory” at a launch webinar with 500 registrations from 40 countries, of which 245 attended the event live. The webinar was hosted by Henry Gordon-Smith, CEO of Agritecture, an independent horticultural consulting firm. During the webinar, CEO Tom Debusschere and co-founder/CTO Maarten Vandecruys, showed a demo of the new Grow Module with the BenchCarousel (patent pending).

There was also a guided tour inside of the Indoor Biology Research Center and some in-depth dialogue on the risks and hurdles new entrepreneurs face when starting up a business in Vertical Farming. Other topics covered were the business planning, the 6 months lead time ‘from order to 1st harvest’, and finally the bottom line: an overview of the full production cost (including 10-year depreciation of investment cost) for 3 benchmark crops Romaine Lettuce, Genovese Basil and Red Stem Radish microgreens.

CEO Tom Debusschere: “We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our launch webinar. In these times of COVID-19 travel restrictions, we have developed the ability to train and start-up new customers completely remotely. I’m glad to see that within the Vertical Farming community, there is such a wide interest in remote presentation and education as well. I am also proud that has awarded us the 2020 Vertical Farming solution of the year”.

Timeslots of interesting topics:

  • 8’08” Demo video of the Grow Module with BenchCarousel
  • 16’01” In-depth conversation on the end-to-end support
  • 29’41” Explanation of full lead time ‘from order to 1st harvest’ of 6 months or less
  • 39’08” Guided tour inside the Urban Crop Research Center
  • 48’10” Full unit production cost, including CAPEX depreciation over 10 years

15 September 2020